Event in Tallinn, dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of Komitas and the 104th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide


On the occasion of the 104th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and the 150th birth anniversary of Komitas an event took place at the Tallinn St. Mary’s Cathedral on April 26. The concert program was performed by eminent Armenian duduk player Emmanuel Hovhannisyan together with singer Vardan Badalyan from Artsakh featuring leading Estonian organ player Kadri Ploomupu.

The event was attended by Archbishop of Tallinn Urmas Wielman, members of the Estonian Parliament, high-ranking officials of the Estonian government, Ambassadors accredited to Estonia, intellectuals, journalists and representatives of the Armenian community.

The rector of the Tallinn Cathedral Arho Tuhkru delivered opening remarks at the event. Mr. Tukhru considered symbolic to hold the event commemorating the victims of the Armenian Genocide in the Tallinn Cathedral noting that such heinous crimes should never be repeated.

Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Estonia Tigran Mkrtchyan mentioned that every year Armenians around the world remember and mourn the loss of their ancestors struggling for genocide recognition, condemnation and restoration of historical justice.

The Ambassador touched upon recent attempts by the Turkish authorities to deny the Armenian Genocide, noting that this mirrors the rhetoric used by Young Turks government and their Special Organization leaders 104 years ago.

Expressing his gratitude to the states that mark April 24th as the Genocide Remembrance Day, Tigran Mkrtchyan mentioned that the denial of genocide continues the process and that is why it is imperative to combine our efforts and actions in order to put an end to this.

The concert program included pieces of Nerses Shnorhali, Komitas, Sayat-Nova and other prominent Armenian composers.  

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